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Robin Snyder-Drummond, BA, IBCLC

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About Robin

My first professional role with mothers and babies was as a certified childbirth educator. I taught prenatal classes for twenty years and was an active DONA certified doula for ten years. Being with families in labor and at home, I saw how valuable that continuity of care was for a new family. It was clear that consistent and thorough breastfeeding support, especially in the first two weeks, can make a big difference. That was my inspiration to become a board certiifed IBCLC. I have been certified since 2009.

My focus is home visits and prenatal breastfeeding classes. I work with all families: in their homes, in hospitals, birth centers, schools, Baby Cafes and other community settings. I actively advocate for all families to have access to IBCLC care.
I'm a current member of ILCA, USLCA and MLCA, the international, national and state Lactation Consultants Associations.

In July, 2019 I moved to northern Maine. I am no longer making home visits in the Boston area.
Stepping into my spot with LC Home Visits will be Rachel O'Brien, IBCLC.
(413) 687-0106